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Sheer Lingerie (2019)

So we have our(?) main four ladies dressed up wearing sheer lingerie for their guys, promising them a night they'll never forget. Kim invites Ron over when she's visiting her family and they go out for the night, letting her have the house all to herself. Bonnie parties at Junior's club and invites him to the private room for some VIP treatment, and Shego decides to relieve her boss with some breakie-poo when Drakken gets too caught up in another crazy project of his.

Yori's a little different, sneaking into Ron's room when he's in Yamanouchi and sleeps next to him, practicing on cleaning up after him when he's dreaming of having them all as his harem. She doesn't want to steal Ron from Kim but it's the only time she's allowed to pretend that he's her husbando, even if he's sleeping the whole time.
Wanted to give them designs that fit their character, and we needed some underboob. Kim goes more of the traditional route from Club Banana's secret catalogue. Wanted to give her something lighter but it looked a bit tacky. Bonnie has more of the nightclub look, befitting of the VIP treatment she's about to give Junior. Shego has a gown because she may be the oldest but most befitting of fine wine. And Yori gets a sheer kimono because they can be hot, but I couldn't think of underboob.

Bonnie Poolside (2018)

So one thing I've wanted to do since forever was to have Bonnie climb out of a swimming pool wearing a skimpy swimsuit. Finally cooked up something I'm satisfied with, after coming across a pose with someone grinding on the ladder pole and some interesting swimwear designs. And to spice things up a bit, I added a certain couple go at it in public, not realizing a certain ninja girl is once again spying on them and enjoying the show. Why are they there? Junior's holding a party for something and invited Kim and Ron out of gratitude for hooking him up with Bonnie. Sure, let's go with that.

Christmas 2017 (2017)

I'm feeling festive this year, so I decided to make a couple of pieces with just about every character I've done. It wasn't originally intended as such but it turned out that way, for better or worse.

First we have Shego showing off some new lingerie for Dr D. Why have him spend Christmas drinking Cocoa Moo while watching Snowman Hank when he can have her? And that's another nosebleed gag.

Meanwhile, when it's past midnight and everyone else is asleep, Kim sneaks Ron into their rebuilt living room and gives him a lap dance, ending the same way it does every other time. Not to mention she gave him one during every night of Hanukkah, not that Ron's complaining.

Then I got the idea of Yori spying on them. Why is she dressed as Santa? Because she IS Santa, or at least one of them. Think about it; how does Santa deliver all those presents worldwide within such a short time? He's just a cover to fool the public; presents are actually delivered by a legion of ninjas all throughout the globe, and Yamanouchi is no exception. Of course Yori's going to visit her Stoppable-san, and does what she does every time the poor girl sees the two go at it. Not that there's anything stopping her from sneaking into his house every other night without him knowing.

And since there was empty space, I also tossed in Bonnie doing a live webcam for whatever reason. She's letting Junior give her a creampie for Christmas, and he doesn't last. That's supposed to be four minutes, BTW.

Research for Christmas lingerie is awesome. Anyway, for anyone watching, have a Merry Christmas and/or great holiday season. Catch you all in 2018!

(Edit 12/27/17 - Kim's left sleeve glove was missing on 2nd image)
(Edit 12/28/17 -  Window effect on Yori's phone cam missing, minor tweaks on 2nd image)

Kinky Cheerleader (2017)

Cooked up a quick one working on another piece. Kim's visiting her rebuilt home (which is virtually identical to what it was before, brick by brick, thanks to her parents' life insurance). When everyone else is out, Kim invites Ron over so she can surprise him with a new type of cheerleader outfit she bought just for him.

One shot? Maybe not?

30K View Bonus (2017)

We hit 30,000 views and I have nothing to show for it. Then I suddenly got inspired and wanted to do Shego, then switched to Bonnie, then realized, why not both? The picture with Bonnie is based off of a Jasmine Black picture, and finally found a reason to put her in a leather harness. I'm not into the whole BDSM thing; I just think it looks hot. Went full on dirty with this one.

As for the Shego pic, I also had an idea to put Kim or Bonnie in a dress with an open back, but it went so far down it went past their ass, and thought to top it off with a thong. Then I saw someone had a similar idea on deviantart as a DOA5 mod minus the thong. Perfect opportunity to put it on Shego instead, while she and her boss decide to "do evil" (Post Season 4 version) together. More on the classier side compared to the other one. Couldn't think of somewhere to put the wine glasses!

So Bonnie does the whole college webcam thing and Shego and Drakken go on a hot date. Admittedly a rush job on both pics, but it was nice to crank out them both out in the time it took. Thanks for the support, everyone!

Shego in Lingerie (2016)

So I watched "Get Shorty" over break and got inspired by a certain scene. And maybe I've been looking at a certain blog too much, but I wanted to do a D/S thing. Plus I said years ago I wanted to draw Shego in lingerie and it didn't happen. Might turn into a couple more pictures involving a lapdance and a titjob, but I want to finish the beach hut gallery first or at least focus on that a bit more.

Uncensored Blog Banner Image (2016)

I made the banner the way it was in case anyone still went past the warning by accident or something. This is customized from K/R Lovemakin 6 above, it doesn't have its own file. I'm kind of surprised they put the LBD into Season 4's opening, showing how sultry our main character can look, but I really wish it returned in an episode itself. But then something like this probably could've happened.

Kim/Ron Lovemakin' 6 - Mad Doggystyle (2014)

Probably my biggest K/R piece. Ron does Kim Mad Doggystyle in a Flash loop, with all sorts of different backgrounds and outfits to boot. Unlike last time, I didn't go with the all-in-one route, and there are several different files. However, I made an HTML page that should make it go a lot smoother. Schoolgirl, underwear, lingerie, leather, bikini, various dresses in the series, cheerleader, mission outfits, swimsuits, a lot's there.

This was originally released in a zipset found here, but the mega pack has an additional one with Kim wearing a long open white shirt (and incorrectly named Lovemakin' 5). Here's some preview images.

(If you came here from a certain site regarding tracing, yep. I'm aware. And while I don't like people using my images w/o permission, the fact that a second knee was added is... quite frankly hilarious.)

Bonnie Selfie (2014)

I hate selfies just as much as the other person until Elly Tran came along. So I thought I'd have Bonnie take a pointless one right after getting out of the shower and give Wade a reason to hack into her phone. The picture is distorted on purpose, I thought it was a good idea at the time.

The Imagebam gallery is identical.

D/S Glomp (2014)

I noticed I hadn't done any D/S, and at the time there wasn't much. I was thinking of doing a picture where Miss Go was crawling on the desk toward Drakken, offering to teach him some things that he missed out in college, with her cleavage exposed. Then I thought I'd do something odd and have her all chipper, coming out of the shower and giving her boss a big old hug ... not even bothering to put clothes on. And that's a nosebleed, she didn't kill him. Back when I did this, there was a surprising lack of Miss Go and Dr. D, which has been gloriously remedied since.

The Imagebam gallery has bigger images, as well as the pack.

Bonnie On Top (2013)

You gotta love long open white shirts. I hadn't done anything really explicit with Bonnie, so I figured I'd have her get some next to a pool with Junior. Not surprisingly, the nude variant was more popular. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing them.

The Imagebam gallery has bigger images, as does the pack.

K/R Lovemakin' 5 (2011)

Kim and Ron going at it on the bed never gets old for me. The pack includes the animation, and LBD and underwear variant. I felt a bit mixed on her leg size - I felt the one I released had her legs too short, so the variants have her with slightly longer legs (and toenails). I originally didn't make a GIF of this, so hat's off to whoever did it.

K/R Lovemakin' 4 - Interactive (2011)

So this was originally going to be another simple animation of Kim on top of Ron, but then I decided it'd be great to have different outfits and backgrounds, but as separate files. Jeezits suggested trying to make it all in one, and while I made it work, it was pretty tough. I've barely scratched the surface of programming before, but a lot of trial and error. The animation is in the pack, but here's some preview images that shows what I had to work with.


Bonnie Ass (2011)

Jean shorts and vests can be hot. I think one of those dumb college party videos inspired this one. Bonnie's booty, and for whatever reason I went with a more somewhat realistic look instead of being on model. PhilipThe2 made an edited variant on his blog/DA account. Never got one of those. Doesn't she look like such a nice girl? Then again you are looking at her butt.

The Imagebam gallery has large pictures.

April Fools (2010)

The day was approaching and I wanted to do something. I couldn't find my crayons to do a naughty Drakken/Shego on a napkin, so I cooked this up real quick. Was I watching South Park? I didn't think so. Anyway, I'd like to think that Kim and Ron were doing the Mile High club thing and crossed over the border, and are forward to looking for treasure and Kraft dinner.

K/R Passion (2008)

So after doing some raunchy and naughty stuff with the girls, I wanted to get back to doing sensual passion, and cooked up something with my OTP. And I didn't realize Kim's arm until much, much, much later. Oops. And apparently a misspelling kills a boner.

LBD Prototype (2007)

But no one likes a tracer (or so I thought), and these were some of the oldest images I did when I decided to first start out, and boy does it show. Hadn't done KP before, hadn't drawn in ages. Pubic hair variants and no shade.

LBD Tests (2007)

So I did these before I worked on the LBD series, back when I had no intention of putting stuff to put on the net for anyone to see, tracing stuff and keeping it to myself. Admittedly, Kim's face here is traced from a frame in "Emotion Sickness", but it was my first time drawing this sort of thing and I was working on it even after I started putting stuff out there. Basically, it was the second image I couldn't get out of my head, Kim losing her virginity in a cowgirl position with her panties moved aside that made me go forward with the LBD series. Headcanons sometimes...


  1. why don't you make an interactive Mad Doggystyle? Just a question :)

    1. The programming was a pain and took a lot of time. I didn't feel like going through it all over again.

  2. Regarding the 4th july pic Kim shouldn't be so confident that just because they are near home thtere will be no intrusions, after all there is another redhead in the house that could try to get a slice of ronshine in the dark of the night... :D

    1. They're actually in her apartment. Different color scheme but somewhat similar layout. Still, who can say mom wants to come for a surprise visit?

  3. That "Onsen Yori" comic is a brilliant, seriously. Nice to see Yori got her chance and it's doesn't led to a "cat fight" or some other stupid thing.

  4. I found it funny that for once, in a humorous adult comic, the cheating girl gets beat up and the boyfriend gets sucked off by his girlfriend. Nice work. And Ron's face in second page, first panel, is really hysterical.

  5. It awesome picture though Iori is a pity, but deserve has nothing to touch someone else's property

  6. I love your Kim and Ron pics! Could you make a finished Version of this Handstand pose, with various Clothing, like the Graduationdress, Promdress,Homecoming- Model- and STDdress? That would be awesome!

    1. Although I'm not opposed to the idea, I don't see it happening in the near future.

    2. It was just a sugestion. Because you allready made a sketch of that Pose.

  7. That Bonnie at the pool pic set is extremely ooc for her... everyone knows she hates tanlines!

  8. Funny, I thought that next Yori's step will be slleping naked near Kim and Ron. Wonder what she will do next - skinny dipping? Some ninja's illusion stuff? Or praying about threesome?

  9. I still think Hana is the secret daughter of Ron and Yori, she could have drugged him during the mission to rescue Sensei so he wouldn't remember anything about it. The conincidences are just too perfect!

  10. About Yori - don't think you will like an idea, but what about some pages of comic with text, where Kim and Yori first just talk about Ron and their love for him, and after that Kim decide to give Yori only one chance. So they gave Ron a double blowjob (which with Yori turn into a double titfuck) and that is a maximum Kim can let any girl, but Yori is good even with this?

    1. I have a different idea in mind, but I'm probably going to end up making a short non-erotic comic that explains how Yori regains Kim's full trust, and Kim decides to repay her by inviting her over to join her and Ron on his 21st birthday, but with some restrictions in place (no girl-on-girl, Ron's penis is off limits), which Yori gladly agrees to. At least that's how it starts.

      But we need some other pictures that will help us reach that point. We gotta ignite Kim's curiosity about threesomes, namely discovering that Bonnie and Shego have been having them.

  11. Would it be cool if I post your other, non-comic, pics on EHentai?

    1. I think someone posted some of my earlier stuff a while back, although it's clearly outdated and incomplete. I don't mind.

  12. Why not draw Mrs. Possible? She's quite the MILF.

    1. *shrug* Just don't have the hots for her the same way everyone else does, I guess.